Factoring for New Freight Brokers

Starting a career as a freight broker can be both exciting and challenging. As a new player in the industry, you’ll find yourself navigating a complex landscape of shipping regulations, carrier relationships, and financial management. One crucial aspect of your freight brokerage business is cash flow management, and that’s where factoring comes into play, but most factoring companies won’t work with new brokers. Let’s delve into the concept of factoring for new freight brokers and explain why Quickpay Funding’s Freight Broker Factoring program stands out as the best choice to meet your financial needs.

Understanding Factoring

Factoring is a financial practice where a business sells its accounts receivable (unpaid invoices) to a third-party company, known as a factor. In return, the business receives an immediate cash advance, typically around 80-90% of the invoice value. The factor then takes responsibility for collecting the payment from the business’s clients and deducts a small fee before remitting the remaining amount back to the business.

For freight brokers, factoring can be a lifeline. Since brokers often need to pay carriers upfront for their services while waiting for their clients to settle invoices, cash flow can become a major challenge. Factoring allows brokers to access the funds they need to cover operational expenses, pay carriers promptly, and expand their business without being constrained by delayed payments.

Why Factoring Gets Tricky for New Freight Brokers

Starting a freight brokerage is exciting, but securing financing can be a bumpy road. Many factoring companies, the financial lifelines for brokers, hesitate to work with newcomers. Why? It boils down to risk and resources.

New brokers are an unknown: Like blank resumes, they lack the financial history and proven track record that helps factors predict payment success. This perceived risk translates to stricter requirements, lower advance rates, and even higher fees for newbies.

Factoring companies need leverage: They thrive on a client’s existing network and invoice volume. New brokers, with their limited connections and smaller shipments, don’t offer the same operational ROI. Onboarding and servicing them might simply cost more than they bring in.

Reputation matters: Partnering with too many risky clients, especially if some default, can tarnish a factor’s credibility. To play it safe, they often stick to established players with a proven track record.

However, hope isn’t lost! Quickpay Funding specialize in supporting startups, offering flexible terms, no volume minimums, and guidance to help young brokers thrive.

The Quickpay Funding Advantage

Among the various factoring companies available, Quickpay Funding emerges as the best choice for new freight brokers. Here’s why:

1. Factoring New Brokers

Unlike most factoring companies, Quickpay Funding works with new freight brokers. Most factoring companies require at least 1 year of broker history before they are willing to fund a freight brokerage. We prioritize new brokers and ensure they get paid fast, grow their business, and succeed in the industry.

2. Specialization in Freight Factoring

Quickpay Funding specializes in factoring for the freight and transportation industry. This specialization translates to a deep understanding of the unique challenges and dynamics that freight brokers face. From dealing with fluctuations in shipping volumes to managing tight payment schedules, Quickpay Funding is equipped to provide tailored solutions that cater to the needs of freight brokers specifically.

3. Fast and Reliable Funding

As a new freight broker, cash flow is crucial to keep your operations running smoothly. Quickpay Funding lives up to its name by offering rapid funding solutions available 24/7. With our streamlined application process and efficient approval system, you can expect to receive funds in as little as 24 hours. This quick turnaround time ensures that you can meet your financial obligations promptly and seize growth opportunities without delay.

4. Flexible Terms

We recognize that every freight broker’s situation is unique. We are committed to providing flexible factoring terms that fit your needs. Whether you have a few select invoices to factor or you’re looking for ongoing financial support, Quickpay Funding offers customizable options that align with your business needs. This flexibility allows you to maintain control over your finances while benefiting from the advantages of factoring.

5. Transparent Fee Structure

Fee structures can often be a source of confusion and concern when dealing with factoring companies. Quickpay Funding stands out by maintaining a transparent fee structure. We have no hidden fees, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect. This transparency builds trust and eliminates any unwelcome surprises down the road.

grow your freight brokerage with Quickpay Funding's freight broker factoring

How Quickpay Funding Works

Here’s a simplified breakdown of how the factoring process with Quickpay Funding works:

  1. Submit Invoices: Once you’ve completed a shipment, submit your invoices to Quickpay Funding.
  2. Get an Advance: Quickpay Funding advances you a percentage of the invoice amount and takes over the responsibility of collecting payments from your clients.
  3. Receive Remaining Funds: After collecting the full payment, Quickpay Funding deducts a small fee and remits the remaining amount to you.


As a new freight broker, the importance of maintaining healthy cash flow cannot be overstated. Freight Broker Factoring with Quickpay Funding offers a strategic solution to ensure you have the financial resources to manage day-to-day operations, build carrier relationships, and scale your business. With their industry expertise, swift funding, flexible terms, transparent fee structure, and exceptional customer support, Quickpay Funding stands out as the best choice for new freight brokers seeking a reliable factoring partner. Embrace the advantages of factoring and propel your freight brokerage business toward success with Quickpay Funding by your side.

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