About Us

Founded in 2015, Quickpay Funding, LLC has provided small and medium-sized businesses with the funds they need for success. The company’s driving mission is to offer best-in-class customer service and timely credit decisions.

Though Quickpay Funding is a new name in factoring, its management team has extensive experience in the industry. Our team is 100 percent bilingual in English & Spanish and our management team has over 150 years of combined hands-on experience in factoring, trade finance, and credit services.

Recognized for integrity and top-notch service in the financial industry, the management team at Quickpay Funding can support your working capital needs with same day funding.  We can help you secure the capital needed to expand your business, make critical tax payments, meet payroll obligations, and shorten the turnaround of your accounts payable and take advantage of supplier discounts.

We assign a specialized team to learn about your company and the industry in which your company competes.  This level of service allows Quickpay Funding to offer you competitive terms and flexible requirements to meet your funding needs. Our team works closely with you to structure a funding solution that works for your business.  We will put our many years of international experience and trade finance to work for you and your business. “We find ways to say yes!” to our clients.

When you’re ready for financial experts who are willing to listen to you and see the potential of your business, choose Quickpay Funding as your financial partner.  Our experienced management team will provide innovative solutions to fulfill your cash requirements – allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.