Fleet Factoring

Supercharge Your Fleet’s Cash Flow

Stop waiting on slow paying customers. Get the fuel, maintenance, and resources you need to maximize your fleet’s potential.

Fleet Factoring Advantages with Quickpay Funding

Tired of net terms controlling your cash flow? At Quickpay Funding, we provide small to medium-sized fleets with immediate access to working capital. With our industry leading financial solutions, fleet owners and carriers can take control of their cash flow with funding availability around-the-clock, including all holidays and weekends.

cash flow control

Cash Flow Control

Get paid quickly for completed hauls, cover fuel costs, payroll, and unexpected expenses with ease.

carrier packet

Carrier Packet Prep

We fill out all the carrier packets and MSAs for all of our clients for free!

money moving fast

24/7 Support

We’re open to fund your fleet 24/7/365, including all holidays and weekends.

quickpay carriers

Fuel on Demand

Get instant advances to cover fuel costs and keep your trucks rolling.

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Our application takes approximately 5 minutes to complete once registered.

How Fleet Factoring Works

Quickpay Funding makes it easy for small to mid-size fleets to get the freight financing they need! Get cash quickly in three simple steps:

Step 1

Deliver Loads

step 2

Submit Invoices

step 3

Get Paid

Why Fleets Choose Quickpay Funding

24/7 Same-Day Funding

We fund your invoices the same day they are submitted.

Fuel Card Program

We give all our clients the Quickpay Fuel Card that can save them thousands of dollars a year on fuel discounts from 4,500+ locations.

Free TMS

Free access to AscendTMS, the best transportation management system available, for a full year for qualifying clients.

Carrier Packet Management

Get all of your carrier packets and MSA’s filled out by us at no extra charge.

No Cutoff Times

No cutoff time when you fund with Real-Time Payments. When we say we’re open to fund our clients 24/7, we really mean it.

Fuel Advances

Get cash before delivery and keep your trucks on the road with 24/7 fuel advances.

Free Credit Checks

Book loads with confidence. Credit check your shippers and brokers for free.

No Monthly Minimums

No monthly minimums, no minimum invoice amount or volume minimums. 

…and more!

Grow Your Fleet with Quickpay Funding

Ready to take your fleet to new heights? Factoring can be the catalyst for your success, providing the working capital you need to book more loads, seize growth opportunities, optimize cash flow, and propel your business to the next level.

Keep focused on your business.

Don’t let a lack of working capital keep your fleet from reaching its full potential. We make sure you get the cash flow needed to keep focused on what you do best – running your business.

A fleet of blue semitrucks growing with fleet factoring

Never pay full price for diesel again. 

Take advantage of fuel discounts at more than 4,500 locations and save thousands of dollars a year on your biggest operating expense with the Quickpay Fuel Card.

trucker fueling up and saving money with Quickpay's freight factoring fuel card discounts

Take control of your cash flow.

Don’t wait on your customers to pay you on their terms. We understand you need a consistent source of working capital for your trucking business to reach its full potential. Take control of your cash flow and get paid on your own terms.

Fleet Owners using Quickpay's fleet factoring to take control of their cash flow
Quickpay Factoring Online Web Portal

Quickpay Portal

Manage your factoring account anywhere, anytime. The Quickpay Portal is a secure, personalized, and responsive platform that gives you control over virtually ever aspect of your business.

  • Quickly and easily upload invoices
  • Sumbit credit requests
  • Search existing invoices, payments, transactions, and debtors
  • View the latest account information at a glance on the Dashboard
  • Add debtors, request credit and disbursements, and much more.

Maximize Your Fleet's Potential

Apply for fleet factoring today and seize every opportunity for growth.