Invoice Factoring

Take control of your cash flow. Unlock your business potential by turning your unpaid invoices into immediate cash.

Get Paid Faster with Invoice Factoring

Quickpay Funding’s invoice factoring program provides businesses with immediate cash flow, helping them meet their working capital needs and address cash flow gaps. We help improve cash flow management, reduce the risk of late payments or bad debts, and eliminate the need for long wait times for customer payments, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations and growth.

It’s this easy ↓

Step 1

Generate an invoice.

step 2

Submit the invoice to Quickpay Funding

step 3

Get paid the same day.


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Program Benefits

Quickpay Funding’s invoice factoring program will set your business up for success. We understand that you need to be in control of when you get paid in order to keep your business moving.

24/7 funding

24/7 Same-Day Funding

We fund your invoices the same day they are submitted.

Fuel Cards

No Cutoff Time

No cutoff time when you fund with Real-Time Payments. When we say we’re open to fund our clients 24/7, we really mean it.

Fuel Cards

Credit Checks

Unlimited credit checks on your customers. We warn you of any risk of non-payment and make informed decisions about advancing funds against their invoices, providing our clients with reliable and responsible financing solutions.

Fuel Cards

No Monthly Minimums

No monthly minimums, no minimum invoice amount or volume minimums. Other factors charge minimum monthly “service fees” if you don’t factor enough.  WE DON’T CHARGE MINIMUMS.

…and more!

Empower Your Business and Fuel Your Success

Ready to take your business to new heights? Invoice factoring can be the catalyst for your success, providing the working capital you need to seize growth opportunities, optimize cash flow, and propel your business to the next level.

No debt incurred.

Unlike traditional loans, invoice factoring does not involve taking on additional debt. You are simply receiving an advance on the funds you are already owed, without having to take on any additional liabilities or pay back any borrowed funds.

a man is happy because he didn't incur any debt from invoice factoring

Take control of your cash flow.

Don’t wait on your customers to pay you on their terms. We understand you need a consistent source of working capital for your business to reach its full potential. Get paid on your terms.

a businessman using invoice factoring to maintain consistent cash flow

Keep focused on growing your business.

Don’t let a lack of working capital keep your business from reaching its full potential. We’ll make sure you get the cash flow needed to keep you focused on what you do best – running your business.

a team is able focus on growing their business thanks to invoice factoring
Quickpay Factoring Online Web Portal

Quickpay Portal

Manage your factoring account anywhere, anytime. The Quickpay Portal is a secure, personalized, and responsive platform that gives you control over virtually ever aspect of your business.

  • Quickly and easily upload invoices
  • Sumbit credit requests
  • Search existing invoices, payments, transactions, and debtors
  • View the latest account information at a glance on the Dashboard
  • Add debtors, request credit and disbursements, and much more.

See why our clients choose Quickpay

“Definitely the best factoring company I’ve used. They were recommended to me by a friend a couple years ago. I’ve used a couple other factoring companies, but Quickpay Funding has been so much easier to work with. My fuel advances are always super fast and everyone there has been very helpful. I highly recommend them!“

As a 5yr client with Quickpay Funding, I’d have to say it has been the best decision made. I have to say I don’t feel like just another company added, I’m treated as family. With 24 hour live personnel assistance & never a Robot. Helping keep my equipment up to date and on the road. When I expected the worst due to past bad experience, I was welcomed with open arms and have been treated with nothing but respect and honesty.

Best service you can get funded at any time. 24/7

Excellent company, their customer service is top notch.”

This is the most dedicated group of individuals I have come across in the business sector. The organization is cohesive and collaborative with an emphasis on impeccable customer service.

Been with Quickpay for 3 years more or less. Best decision ever they’ve been a blessing to our company. I’ve been with different factoring companies, not a single one has compared to what Quickpay offers. You’re not just another account here, you’re family.

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