Quickpay Funding, LLC provides $500,000 Funding Line for Microcon, Inc. in the Republic of Palau

Quickpay Funding provides funding facility for factoring of invoices and supplier payments for a well-established general contractor in Palau.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — When Microcon Inc., a well established general contractor based in the beautiful Republic of Palau, needed a strong and reliable funding partner to support their growth plans, they looked to Quickpay Funding in San Diego, California The company looked beyond traditional sources for a finance company that would help raise their competitiveness and provide strong financial support to bid on more local projects. As construction projects and contracts are released for bidding, and work is completed, Microcon wanted the freedom, flexibility, and reassurance that their invoices would get funded and cash made immediately upon completion of work. They also needed a secure funding line that would advance funds or pay their suppliers for goods and materials purchased for their projects.

Having enough funding resources was very important to the company – but keeping the costs of financing within a reasonable range – was also important to maintain optimum profitability on these projects. Speed was of the essence as work projects get published and the contracts are awarded. Steady cash flow and strong financial backing are essential to be awarded a contract and most important, to perform on the contract and bring the project to completion. Microcon expects to have a strong performance in 2020 and beyond knowing that they have Quickpay Funding’s support to bid on contracts, complete projects, and obtain more business.

As with most general contractors, Microcon bids on contracts within their line of work. They employ local workers to complete their projects, creating jobs, and contributing to the diversification of the economy. They support multiple types of contracts, including government projects, commercial and private initiatives, throughout the Republic of Palau. Their knowledge of the local trade and customs allows them to work quickly and professionally within the scope of the required work. Further to that, Microcon’s owners have a good understanding of the local laws and regulations. They have completed numerous construction projects successfully and on time in their career, gaining invaluable experience along the way.

“We looked for a strong funding partner that would support the growth of our company while streamlining our bidding process. We need to be competitive in order to source new business and gain more bids for work projects in Palau”, said Jovan E. Isaac and Valorie Tikei Sbal, owners of Microcon Inc. “Working with Quickpay Funding has provided us the financial support and cashflow needed to accelerate our growth. Our first funding transactions took place recently and got paid immediately. That experience has given us the confidence to continue growing our business, knowing that we have the backing of a strong financial partner”.

“We needed a financial partner that understood the local customs and practices, that would work well with us, fast paced and professionally. Quickpay Funding moved quickly to understand our needs and document our relationship in order to fund our projects. They have a full team of Bilingual account executives that speak the Palauan language and are well versed in the local culture and business practices. Quickpay Funding works with small businesses across various industries and we have been very happy with the relationship to date. We look forward to continuing our work and bidding on more contracts as projects become available”, said Mr. Isaac and Ms. Sbal.

“We are very happy to offer our financial support to Palauan companies looking for growth. We feel that our products and services will benefit small and medium sized companies doing business in Palau. Our goal is to provide the necessary cash flow and financing needed for Palauan companies to grow in the industries we serve. We look forward to working with more companies with similar needs and help grow their business.” said Veronica A. Beach, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Operations with Quickpay Funding, LLC.

About Microcon Inc.
Microcon Inc., is a general contractor located in Airai, Republic of Palau. Established in 2018, the company has successfully completed various residential projects, renovations, small capital improvement projects, government and commercial. Their objective is to grow their business and gain market share while being very competitive. Microcon adheres to the strictest levels of safety and professionalism while completing their projects, from the evaluation and bidding process through completion.

About Quickpay Funding, LLC
Quickpay Funding, LLC was founded in 2015 to provide small- and medium-sized businesses in transportation and key industries with the funds and personalized services needed to grow and succeed. The company’s driving mission is to offer specialized factoring products, best-in-class customer service, and timely credit decisions. Their products include invoice purchasing (factoring), fuel advances, supplier payments, purchase order finance, and vendor discounts.

With presence in Las Vegas, San Diego, South Texas, Los Angeles, and New York, the company provides a best-in-the-industry experience to all their clients that includes fast and affordable factoring services, fuel advances, short term loans for general working capital needs, a unique Supplier Payment Program, and 100% bilingual service around the clock. Client operational support includes help with Carrier Packets, Vendor Set-up documents, Credit and Collections, Cargo Claim Resolution, and Invoice Creation for all active clients.

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