Quickpay Funding Named Top Issuer of Real-Time Payments

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 12, 2023 (EINNews)- Quickpay Funding LLC, a leading provider of factoring services, has been announced as a Top Issuer of Real-Time Payments in the country for the year 2022. The company achieved this distinction by processing more real-time payments than any other factoring company or financial institution in the country, demonstrating their commitment to providing fast and efficient financial solutions to their clients.

Real-time payments (also known as “RTP’s”) are electronic payments that are processed and settled instantly, providing immediate access to funds. Quickpay Funding has been at the forefront of the real-time payments revolution, offering its clients the ability to receive payment for their unpaid invoices promptly, usually the same day as submission. Quickpay was a true industry pioneer and the first factoring company in the whole industry to adopt and launch Real-Time Payments to fund their clients 24/7/365, including nights, weekends, and all holidays.

“We are thrilled and honored to be recognized as one of the top issuers of real-time payments in the country,” said Juan Estrada, President and CEO of Quickpay Funding LLC. “This achievement reflects our dedication to providing fast, flexible, and reliable financial solutions to all of our clients, helping them manage their cash flow and grow their businesses.  The hard work of our team, our innovative products and services, and our world class client service experience are being recognized as we stay focused on our strategy to become a leading B-to-B Fintech company.”

As a testament to their expertise in the financial industry, Quickpay Funding’s CEO, Juan Estrada, will be speaking at the upcoming TEXPO conference, which will be held in Dallas, Texas on April 16-18. The conference is one of the premier events for treasury and financial professionals, offering educational sessions and industry networking opportunities for all attendees.

“I am honored to be speaking at the TEXPO conference and to have the opportunity to share our insights on the latest trends and best practices in financial management,” said Juan Estrada. “We have great working relationships with our banking partners that allows us to adopt and implement new treasury products to keep us ahead of the competition, helping all of our business clients. At Quickpay Funding, we are committed to helping our clients succeed, and we look forward to sharing our experience with the attendees and how Real-Time Payments help drive our business.”

In addition to funding through real-time payments, Quickpay Funding offers a range of financial services, including invoice factoring, short term and working capital loans, fuel advances, equipment finance, and more. By leveraging technology to offer fast and efficient financial solutions to their clients, they are widely recognized as a fast-growing B-to-B Fintech company. Their commitment to innovation and a customer-focused approach has helped them become a trusted partner for many businesses looking for faster payment on their open accounts receivable.

About Quickpay Funding

Founded in 2015, Quickpay Funding LLC provides small and medium-sized businesses with the funds they need for success. The Quickpay team believes in teamwork, mutual support and helping each other out to provide best-in-class customer service and timely credit decisions. Finding ways to say “yes” to their clients, employees and shareholders is what is driving them to becoming a leader in the industry.  The team is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and the management team has extensive experience in logistics, transportation, factoring, trade finance, and credit services.  Quickpay provides small businesses with the capital needed to expand their business, make insurance and tax payments, meet payroll obligations, and shorten the turnaround of their accounts receivable. To learn more about how Quickpay can contribute to the success of your business, visit quickpayfunding.com.

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