Quickpay Funding establishes AR Purchase and Factoring Line for fast growing company in the Republic of Palau

Quickpay Funding becomes the first USA factoring company to offer full factoring services and supplier payments to companies based in Republic of Palau.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 7, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quickpay Funding, LLC proudly announced the signing of a factoring line for a fast growing construction company doing business and based in the Republic of Palau. The line includes access to supplier payments and purchases of invoices on completed work.

With this announcement, Quickpay Funding becomes the first USA factoring company to sign and fund a client based in Palau. This service offering expands the company’s objective to finance Transportation, Logistics, Service Industries, Marine, Seafood, Canneries, Port Vendors, Produce, Cross Border, and Trade Finance in the USA, and select countries.

“Quickpay Funding and I are very proud to become the first factoring company in the industry to sign and fund a company based in the beautiful Republic of Palau”, says Veronica A. Beach, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Operations of Quickpay Funding, LLC. “As a native 100% Palauan now working and living in the United States, it brings me immense pride and joy to offer this type of flexible financing to companies looking to bid for government contracts and grow their businesses in various industries. Our first client is a well-established construction company bidding for various contracts. They needed a fast and flexible solution that would support their growth plans. We are very happy to be able to help and finance them.”

“Along with a careful evaluation of the prospective client and parties involved, we analyzed the country’s legal framework and business environment and have nothing but admiration for the work being performed by all government officials that run the country in a disciplined and organized way, with a focus on the future”, said Ms. Beach. “Our company offers factoring services which include flexible financing, credit and collections support, help setting up vendor agreements, a secured supplier payment program, and other administrative services such as billing and payments reconciliation. Working hand in hand with local banks and other entities, we can help fulfill a niche that supports economic growth in Palau and the region.”

“Quickpay Funding is a trail setter for the factoring industry in the USA and worldwide. We are now offering products and services to small and fast-growing companies that were formerly reserved for larger companies such as same day fundings, 24/7/365 service, supplier payments, flexible factoring programs, and live support from our 100% bilingual team”. “Besides myself, our team is well represented by Palauan Citizens. We are proud to be the only factoring company in the world with a fully bilingual and bicultural staff, well versed in the Palauan language, deep customs, strong culture, and business practices”, said Ms. Beach.

“Palau has a lot of potential based on its hard-working people, strong values, natural beauty, and respect for the environment. We appreciate the opportunity to work with local banks and public agencies to bring our products. We feel our business focus is consistent with the objectives outlined publicly by the President and Palauan government officials to develop new ways to finance companies and support the growth of private companies in the industries we serve. We feel that our products and services will benefit small and medium sized companies doing business in Palau and looking to grow. Our goal is to provide the necessary cash flow and financing needed for companies to grow in the industries we serve.”

About Quickpay Funding, LLC
Quickpay Funding, LLC was founded in 2015 to provide small- and medium-sized businesses in transportation and key industries with the funds and personalized services needed to grow and succeed. The company’s driving mission is to offer specialized factoring products, best-in-class customer service, and timely credit decisions. Their products include invoice purchasing (factoring), fuel advances, supplier payments, purchase order finance, and vendor discounts.

With presence in Las Vegas, San Diego, South Texas, Los Angeles, and New York, the company provides a best-in-the-industry experience to all their clients that includes fast and affordable factoring services, fuel advances, short term loans for general working capital needs, a unique Supplier Payment Program, and 100% English-Spanish bilingual service around the clock. Client operational support includes help with Carrier Packets, Vendor Set-up documents, Credit and Collections, Cargo Claim Resolution, and Invoice Creation for all active clients.

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